Decisions, Decisions

Pardon me… but it’s gonna be one of those times when I toot my own horn.

Multiple times in the history of this blog, I’ve entered a post or two in some competition.  Most contests I pass by because they’re more of the “have-your-friends-vote popularity contests” than true competition, but I entered the BlogHer Voice of the Year again this year.

Guess what?  One of my more popular photos was chosen!  You guys loved it, and so did BlogHer through three rounds and six judges.  It’s this one.

Lucas’ Sunset.  The scene from my studio with sweet Lucas laying right next to Elsa’s grave… watching the sun slide behind the wintry red hills.

It will be on display throughout the BlogHer 2015 Convention Keynote and reception in New York City with six other honorees.  That’ll be July 17-19 in case any of you want to go!  They’d love to have me attend, and they’re even offering a complimentary full conference pass.  I’d get an award and get  my picture taken and have reserved seating and some champagne!

Cool, huh?

I waver back and forth… Airplane ticket plus motel $$$… Busy Time on the Ranch… New York City (both a plus and a minus)… Sharing my Red Dirt View of Ag and Ag blogging (both a plus and a minus)… Not knowing anyone (both a plus and a minus)…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to win… but, well, as an Ag blogger sometimes I get the feeling that if I really was on the spot/and/or/popular that I couldn’t handle the attacks that come with the notoriety.  You guys have always been nice and I *appreciate* that, but a convention of outspoken women in New York City seems like the lion’s den to me!  I want readers to see Ag Business people as human and, hopefully, interesting!  That’s part of why I’m here every night, rain, snow, saddle sores, and sunburn…

Well, I’ll think on this.  They will mail me my award… though it would be nice to see New York through my 56 year old eyes instead of the 17 year old ones last time I was there!  Ah, decisions, decisions…

(My new “badge” will be posted at the bottom of this page soon!)


Decisions, Decisions — 28 Comments

  1. stay home! as you said, they will mail you the award. I wouldn’t give up a minute of your life there for the crowded city of New York.

  2. Hi Carol, I discovered you a couple of months ago and thoroughly enjoy following you. Congratulaions re photo it is a definite winner, I always love your photos. Couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment before but it all geled today and I saw the numbers and clicked, voila there I was at the comment page

  3. Oh, Carol, that is wonderful. Congratulatons! You completely deserve it–for your beautiful photos (that one is especially poignant and beautiful), your always interesting blog and life, and for YOU, who we have all so learned to admire, enjoy, and care about through your blog. Please know that, regardless of whether you go to the “big city” to get your award or not! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the win, the picture is beautiful. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents before you hit the big time with your blog. I have followed several blogs for years. Two of them went to BlogHer and now they have changed. More guest bloggers along with posts that are inspirational, informative, on a set topic. They lost the soul they started with. What I love about Red Dirt In My Soul is the feel of what ranching and Wyoming should be. Your not writing just what you think people want your writing how life is. The good and the bad and the ordinary. They loved you at BlogHer for who you are. All of us love you and the blog for what they are. Please, let this little part of Wyoming stay untouched.

  5. Congratulations on your award. Having been to New York City a number of times on business, I think it is highly over rated, and very expensive. Living where you live, I would take the scenic drive across the mountain to Buffalo and attend Longmire Days July 17-19.

  6. Congratulations on your award! I don’t comment often, but read your posts every day, and usually all the “way backs” too! If you can swing it financially, I’d say GO!

  7. Congratulations! This is such a beautiful photo. I’ll weigh in on the side of going to NY. I just went for the first time at 54 and had a ball.

  8. Awesome!!! Wow!!! congratulations on this wonderful and well-deserved award! I’ll be thinking of you as you weigh the pros and cons of going to NYC.

  9. GO! GO! GO! Can I help fund the trip? I will! It is an opportunity that you may not regret missing, but you will never know what you missed! Your blog is so inspiring and I love coming here each day.

    I would say I would come help on the ranch, but I would be useless!


  10. Congratulations & well deserved honor … that is a beautiful photo… you are better off at home with your fur buddies and chickens…

  11. I know that I don’t say much, but I do love checking in ‘almost’ every morning. You are a wonderful voice for ag! And Congratulations! They have great taste, there at ‘blog her’!

  12. Congratulations! You couldn’t pay me to go to New York City! ☺ I just hate cities! On the other hand there are things there I’d love to see…

  13. Congratulations Carol. It is a wonderful photo. I can understand your reluctance to go that far and then get negative feedback. Too much negativity in our world. I’m sure you will make the right decision when the time comes.

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