OK.  I took the morning and finished those two boards!  That wall is done!

The boards were workarounds existing crooked boards, so there was a lot of crawling up the ladder, fitting, sketching, crawling down, sawing, sanding, grinding, then going back up and re-fitting.

I then spent time sawing up scrap wood so it’d fit in my wood stove… Cleaning and sweeping and moving my good ol’ Jawhorse out of the way… Putting old boards outside to make room…  Sorting some of my crafts and rediscovering things I’d forgotten I had!

Still got that old potholder loom…

Found one of my journals I’d started ages and ages and ages ago…

Seashells.  I own a fair stock of seashells!

Set out my “new” old folding rocking chair in front of a sunny huge window!  Have I shown you that???  Oh, my… I bet I forgot!  It was my big treasure from my Cheyenne trip last fall.  I can’t find that I posted about it, so I’ll just have to take a pic.

I had a plan for trimming the window at least on three sides.  That angled bottom frame is going to give me fits though!  Oh, well.

Just for kicks, I looked back at a September 2009 pic of my window wall… here it is.

window wallCompare it to yesterday’s photo!  Of course, I had no clue I’d get a huge picture window to replace this, but wowza.



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  1. Hi Carol, Thank you for sharing the poem. Your mom passed away about a year and a half after my dad. Dad was born July 9, 1928. My sister and I talk about how much we still miss him so terribly. We also keep sharing odd happenings that make us know he is still watching out for his girls. Take care, the anniversaries are hard. Lou Anne

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