Artistic Wall

I did it.  97% of the wall is complete!   There are two boards, both of which need lots of fitting and finishing, and when they’re installed, the wall will be finished!

(No, not talking trim or window trim or shelves, just WALL!)

But this, this opens the door for those shelves that I have in mind, and some short strips of randomness to add to its artistic flair!

I love it!

window wall


Artistic Wall — 11 Comments

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  2. Frame that window like a picture frame. and on the edges inside towards the glass trim that like a mat on a picture frame. How you do it is up to you be creative! (could use burlap) Your frame could be wide boards off an old building…:)

  3. Seriously love it! Unpainted and all, I agree with Della, looks very artsy!

    And my calendar came yesterday. I can now sit at my computer and feel a breath of fresh Wyoming air wafting by….without the chill of course!

  4. Sitting here thinking that I wish I had that studio, I had an idea for your trim- what if you used angle iron? Yes, it would be a bit expensive to use as window trim and it might be a challenge to put up, BUT think about the benefits!! You could use magnets to hold some up in the light, you could make window curtains with magnet inside that would stick right up to the window (think warm windows and heat out and cold out!!), and you could spray them with a bit of muratic acid and get them to rust and patina right away.

    Just a thought 🙂

    • I had thought of tin… but angle iron I had not! Only problem is I’d need one side to be 6″ wide… that’s some expensive stuff! I do like that idea though… hmmmmm.

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