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Sheila, thanks for pointing out my great find I wrote about yesterday is a woman’s sewing rocker!  I didn’t know that, and of course, immediately googled it and yup… there it was!  There are some on ebay for those of you who are wishing for one of your own.   Thanks for educating me!

It was a late night at work, as we had a guest speaker come in and talk about her horse adventures.  She has owned a horseback riding adventure business here in town.  (don’t think dude ranch, because if you aren’t an experienced rider, you’d be left behind!)  She has gone on multiple equestrian adventures, camping, riding, glamping, horse-packing… and tonight she shared stories and photos and some videos from her latest two journeys, one in Botswana, one packing through Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier National Park.

It brought back some great memories, as when I first came to Ten Sleep, that’s what I did.  Pack some panniers with gear, load up the sleeping bags and tents and food and go to the Big Horn National Forest for a week!  Plus teach some teenage Girl Scouts how to do it as well!  It was great fun!

It was not near as long and arduous as her trips, but horse packing is definitely a great way to travel the backcountry… and I’d like to do a trip or two again!

Seeing cows from your tent is not like seeing an elephant walk by… and my sunsets are not quite as exotic as hers… but that’s all I’ll have… and I’m happy with that!

botswana sunset


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  1. Horse packing through the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness is one of my favorite memories of my time at work. Lakes, views for miles, big old trees, big old snags with the wind blowing through them eerily.

  2. I remember horse packing trips when I was younger. We trailered the horses to Dardanelles in the Sierra Nevada’s and left from there. There is no better breakfast than pan fried trout caught at a pristine high mountain lake served with fresh biscuits!

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