Fingernail Moon

fingernail moonOur Super Bowl Party was neither super nor a very happy party… but cheers to the Seahawks and to our Denver Broncos… we’re still fans!  and thrilled to have you as AFC Champs at least!

A fingernail moon descends through the frigid sky… -30 at Daniel’s this morning with 6″ of new snow.  Must be wintertime…


Fingernail Moon — 3 Comments

  1. I feel sorry for the Seahawks this morning. I think so many of us wanted Denver and Peyton to win, that their loss is overshadowing what a great job the Seahawks defence really did…

    Oh well – I’ll follow the Manning family no matter where they play – as I am more a fan of the family than football. I’m actually celebrating the end of another football season – and getting my husband back on Sunday’s!

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