Stayin’ Busy

Borrowed back my nail gun for a few quick touchups in my studio… I’ve started reworking the nest boxes (remember this used to be a chicken coop in one of its past lives!) to make room for a large cabinet eventually coming from Tess’ basement.  I figure you can never have too much storage… So some of the (cleaned) nest boxes get to stay.

I also am completing my stairs… (remember *that* project?)  I’m plugging the holes and cleaning up the walls and caulking some seams along the wall and giving more coats of poly.  They look very nice, but it’s those last details that seem to take the most time.

The guys got Lucky #81 up a couple of times and he even ran a bit out into the big pen…

It’s staying very cold, -18˚ the other morning, and more snow predicted tomorrow.

Plus amazing news on the Bee Front coming next week, weather permitting!

Life is stayin’ busy here on the Greet Ranch!

and to add to my list…

Time for another Q&A!  Got a question?  Submit it here, and I’ll answer it soon!



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  1. I was here yesterday and an obscure question popped into my mind, so I’m glad your Q/A came up so quickly. Now I won’t forget! 🙂 You have 2 sons that work on your property and I’ve only read about 2 homes. Do your sons and their families share a house or does one family live “off-site”?

  2. I am glad that it is question time again. My husband and I need to purchase a new camera and are wondering what you use to take the great pictures we see? And do you have any suggestions for great picture taking? (opps that is 2 questions)Ok here is another, how do you carry the camera so that you have it ready for those great pictures? Our last camera was a pocket sized one, which we kept in our pockets often, and now it is grinding when we turn it on – culprit is sand and dirt. I would love to hear what you have to say!

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