Bee Adventurous – My Helper

I thought you might enjoy this quick video of Lucas and my new top bar beehive.

I was seated on a log… just watching the bees go in and out of their entrance holes.  There were just a few dozen of them, none of which was paying any attention to either of us.  Lucas decided if I was watching something, he would too.

Yes, I know there’s a danger, but not that day.  That day was still cool, and the few bees were easy to watch.  I will be adding legs to lift the hive up about 3′, so when they *really* start flying, they’ll be above his head.  I’m hoping to create a Bee Zone, fenced from intruding, rubbing cattle (perhaps using my welded “artwork”?) and dogs will be banned from the area.

But this day, we shared in the magic of buzzing bees!

Bee Adventurous – My Helper from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Bee Adventurous – My Helper — 6 Comments

  1. Neat interesting hive… Lucas was a good boy and he does mind well, then is a little dejected & aloof when he has to – I know that look well…. He is such a sweet looking dog…

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