Decisions. Decisions.

Done with insulation!


insulationIt was much easier handling smaller pieces… why didn’t I do that before???

Next project just may be finishing the door tops on my shelves… If I get them screwed in place, I can walk on them instead of fighting my ladder when I hang my ceiling osb.

Here they are…

shelvingThe doors on top (creating the long shelf) are two different sizes… the one on the right is two inches narrower.  I plan to run a 1″x4″ underneath the seam to join them together, plus add some brackets to attach to the wooden boxes.  I’ll have to come up with something to cover or put beneath that two inch gap or I’ll have pencils rolling off the back all the time!  All I can think of is a gutter to hold/catch various items!

The finish on the doors is adequate, but since so much in this studio is wood, I actually thought I might varnish on some paper.  What paper?  Well, I have a 1953 atlas or a reprint of the 1902 Sears Roebuck catalog.

interesting paperI like maps… always have… and I have an old school map I plan to use as a window shade, and if I use more maps that will tie in together.  The old catalog is Way Cool, though, Sears used to sell EVERYTHING!  Using both may be an option… a colorful map border filled with unique items ripped from the Sears catalog!  Too much?  One or the other?  What do you think?

The other option was to singe the doors with a torch, which is a cool look I also like… then a few coats of poly…

Decisions.  Decisions.




Decisions. Decisions. — 6 Comments

  1. IMHO. I like the maps–the color would look great in there. (Plus like Marilyn said above, maybe put in a few color photos of your dogs and/or puppies.) :-}

  2. I like the singe idea. Use the maps and catalog somewhere where you see them at eye level. Not sure how it would work out but, put the gutter in front so you do not have to reach to the back. Just a thought. Might work to hold stuff too.

  3. The 2″ gap could be filled with a gutter that doubles as a pencil/whatever holder, sort of like old school desks used to have.

  4. Everything is looking great! Good job on the insulation! I think a mix of the catalog and map would be so cool, especially with that mismatched wood wall around the picture window. Seems like they would compliment each other.

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