Gunmetal Blue



Thankfully, not much snow, but it was mostly a grey day… great for sorting out a bunch of craft supplies!  I tried hard to make my pile of crafty items get organized into cabinets, simply because I need to be able to reach the tall part of the ceiling to insulate and install the osb.  I asked the guy that installed my woodstove if he could come finish my ceiling, and he can, but not until mid April.

Well, I think I may just cut everything into manageable pieces and try it myself.  I guess I can hang smaller lengths of insulation and cut those 4’x8′ sheets into 4’x4′.  It won’t be as seamless, but something I can do with much less frustration and expletives!

Babies are hitting the ground everyday, and I’ll have to go film some more.  They’re just so stinking cute!  Anything you’d like me to film???

I believe the sky today had every shade of gunmetal blue in it that is possible…

gunmetal blue


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  1. I’d be interested in seeing a photo of your cleaned-up buffalo skull you found. That had to be so exciting to find that part of the old west! Any idea of what you are going to do with it? Paint it?

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