Top Bar Hive Bee Barn

I managed to clean out my future Top Bar Hive Bee Barn (thanks, Susan, for coming up with the appropriate name!… though “boudoir” ran a close second!) at least partially this morning.  The heavy stuff is going to have to wait til I get someone to help me lift…

bee barnThe rims, I was hoping, would be stable enough to put the hives on, but some are cracked, and there is a wobble to them I really don’t like.  I think I’ll have to go scrounge some cinder block!  Hives need to be level, and I’ll definitely need some shims since the Bee Barn sits crooked.  The hives won’t be in this position either… I’m going to drill some holes on the east wall, and place their entrances close to them.  My “Mesopotamia” hive has entrance holes along its length, my “Golden Mean” hive has it at the end.  I think I can make that work easily enough, but if I get a third hive… it may be a tight squeeze!  I don’t even know if it matters if it is close enough to an opening on the same level anyway…

I’ve got wire over the granary chute door…

bee barnNo raccoon is getting through there!

The Bee Barn should be opening soon!



Top Bar Hive Bee Barn — 3 Comments

  1. This looks really great! They should be secure, and if it matters, shielded a little from the wild swings of the elements. You do great work!

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