Sweet Beauty

Victoria gave me this idea weeks ago… back when I posted my “Mono-comb” photo.  I couldn’t just pick one or two photos more photos to share though, so I made you a video.

Enjoy some sweet beauty!

Sweet Beauty from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Please notice:  BEES now have their own category tab at the top of this page (along with dogs, videos, Wordless Wednesday, etc.).  So, if all you want to see is my BEE entries, just click on that tab, and there they bee!  😉  There will be plenty more to come!


Sweet Beauty — 10 Comments

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  2. That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us, nature is amazing! And I agree with Susan, the song choice was perfect and the last photo of the windmill through the comb was so cool!

  3. So beautifully done, Carol! I have an ignorant question for you–are those all eggs that bees hatch out of? Or are those eggs full of honey? (As you can tell, I know nothing about bee hives, even though my cousin raised bees and made a living from the sale of honey.) :-/

    • Sandy, that is just empty comb, light as a feather, delicate, and beautiful. It becomes honeycomb once they start putting honey in each cell, or it becomes brood comb if the queen lays an egg in a cell that is tended by nurse bees. It is all rather fascinating and I hope to talk about it in some future videos! Thanks for asking!

  4. I am almost speechless with the beauty of the entire video! As a musician I was moved by how you selected the pictures and edited them to follow the nuances of the music. What a lovely way to start my day!

  5. You are such an artist! That was a really SWEET video! And “Born to BEE” was the perfect song! I love Susan Boyle! That last shot of the windmill through the comb was spectacular!!!

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