Lost at Love

Well, I’m back… didn’t miss me did you?  Sheila guessed it a few days ago, (good job!), I took a little trip to see if Miss Dally couldn’t hook up with a boyfriend!


Why did I use THAT adjective?  This trip wasn’t little!

Vernon and I drove to Kooskia, Idaho.  It was supposed to be 650 miles, but the odometer read 680 miles on the way back home, which included a couple small side trips!

Let me put this another way.  Vernon woke me up at 3 am Saturday and we left the house at 3:30, arriving in Idaho at 4:30.  Yeah, it’s *NOT* a little trip!

Here he is… the handsome Mr. Tank!

Dally and TankHe is SOOOO good looking!  He’s also sweet.  Perhaps, he is TOO sweet!

Dally’s love life has consisted of two rendezvous.  First there was the Sex and the Country Incident, (where Dally showed her, uhmmm… Free Spirit!) and then she had to flirt with Bubba to get him interested and going (which I blamed on his age!).  With Tank so young, I expected it would be more like the Sex and the Country… but it wasn’t.

He was a gentleman.

To a fault.

Dally and TankThey were given time and privacy and Dally did everything she knew to do to get him interested… flagging her tail, play bows, chasing, standing and backing into him, flirt flirt flirt.  But he stood his ground and remained a proper *English* gentleman… and as far as we know, they never consummated their brief affair.

Now… remember my puppy I named Tully, from Dally’s last litter?

TullyOh… what a sweetie!  Well, she left here to go live at Tank’s place with him… and here they are, all grown up!

Lark and TankHer name is now Lark, and they make the cutest couple!  They haven’t, uhm, *done it* either… but soon she’ll be old enough and that’s the plan.  Tank, though, seemingly remained a true boyfriend and gentleman and didn’t go through with his fling with Lark’s mom!

Which, well, stinks for me… but, that’s Life in The Far Far West.  Sometimes you lose at love.  Could they have done it and we just didn’t know?  Sure.  In two months if Dally has pups, we’ll know that they are very, very sneaky lovers!

However that part turned out, the rest of it was great!  Gorgeous country to drive through, Vernon really enjoyed seeing it.  More on that tomorrow!  Thanks Big Time to G. for your hospitality and K. and C. for coming to visit as well!


Lost at Love — 7 Comments

  1. Ah, for what it’s worth, when I took Dally’s grandma for the liaison that eventually resulted in Lucas’ litter, I thought it was all for nought… by my calendar, and her behavior, and the vet’s exam, she was ready — but Boston was not buying it. Tried everything we could think of — including a quiet room alone and a little Barry White in the background… nothing. For over a week. Just when I was about to give up and bring her back home, it happened. 10 puppies later, it was clear that Boston had just been saving himself for when the moment was right. He knew.

    I would love to see Dally x Tank puppies… sure hope they snuck in some action when you weren’t watching!!

  2. Maybe Tank is shy. Has he mated before? Did Dally and Lark recorgnize each other? All beautiful dogs. I hope something happened. Their pups would be gorgeous. Fingers crossed.

    • Tank is out of Mace and Mona… his pedigree can be found on the English Shepherd Club Registry or harrisridgehomeranch.com

  3. WOW! Tank is just gorgeous… he looks like a “nice” sweet guy…. LOL! … sure hope it worked out without you knowing…. Lark is adorable… Good luck…

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