It took us until 3:30 in the afternoon, but a carpenter friend and I finally accomplished one of my goals!  The ceiling in the studio is UP.

It needs paint, it needs trim, it is NOT finished, but I’m celebrating that it is UP!

He put them up differently than I had planned, so where I “thought” we would cut off the osb to fit, I didn’t paint, hence the checkerboard-ish look to them!


(Pay no mind to the pile of junk on the bed)

Honestly, from here on out… besides moving in a large cabinet… everything left to do is all cosmetic.  Yes, the trim and paint needs finished, the boards around the big window installed, shelves need hung, crafts sorted and organized, windows can use tubes of caulk, and maps mod-podged onto doors… but as a “rough” finish, I’d say I’m there!  I’m not declaring it DONE… but it’s about as close as you can get!



Any more questions for a Q&A?  I’m about late enough to use it for a May Q&A… but we’ll see how things go!  You have a question, I can tell you an answer!



  1. Good Job, Carol.
    I recognized the green stove as I used to cook on it when I lived on the ranch. You are so resourceful. I enjoy reading about what all you have been doing. I guess I was just not cut out to be a ranch wife!!

  2. What a change from two years ago! Then there was a dirt floor, see-through log walls, a rickety door, and a lot of “stuff”. You’ve done a nice job with it!! I can’t wait to see the finished version.

  3. Is that the little stove from Edna and Frank’s homestead house? You are so resourceful & clever. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result which I’m sure will fit your personality. I can hardly wait to see it in production. . Good stuff coming. :-D♥

  4. This has been such an interesting project to follow! I really have enjoyed each step along the way. It’s quite a wonderful place for you to do your crafts and to relax. Congratulations! Onward to the finishing touches.

    Question: what are the dimensions of your studio?

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