The Ultimate Pysanky Post

I taught another evening of pysanky class… since most of the people were at my last class, I changed it up a bit, and decided to do a free hand vine design.  Each successive layer was simply a darker shade of a color, created by leaving it in the dye for longer periods of time.

I was disappointed in the absorption of some of the dye… my egg refused to take the dye very well!  That’s why I teach a vinegar wash might help… and I didn’t follow my own advice!  Mine is the blue/grey one, fourth from the left.


I have a much nicer one ready for wax removal, but I’ll save it for Sunday!

For those of you interested in my past posts of pysanky (say that 10 times fast!), here are a few links.  For more, simply go to the search box on the right and type in “pysanky”.

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The Ultimate Pysanky Post — 1 Comment

  1. Yours may not have turned out like you planned – but I like the effect, almost a tie-dye pattern.

    I’m about to start on another egg – another Book of Kells design, only this one will be taken from the feathered wings, in some of the illustrations, with maybe a peacock feather feel. Haven’t decided on colors yet, but an all-over design like your monochrome eggs here.

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