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It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t had a lot to say, though I didn’t ignore you… you simply received a photo!  Well, of course, it’s THIS week the Casper Star Tribune (Wyoming’s largest newspaper) publishes its article about Wyoming bloggers!  You-know-who is included… with nary a well written blog post in sight!

Just my luck!

What can I say?

If I’ve any new readers tonight, feel free to read over some old posts!  😉  I started blogging in January of 2008, so you have lots to choose from!  (Note:  I’m still working on parts of 2009/2010 getting them transferred to my “new” format, some should be popping up every day!)

Two articles were actually written, “From Wyoming to the World” discusses Red Dirt, The Prairie Homestead, and Prairie Wife In Heels .  “Wyoming Blogs Worth Reading” includes the same three plus The Fit Cookie, The Hero’s Story Has Already Been Told, and Quirks and Recreation.  I think we’re a diverse group!  I’ll put out the invitation to these and other Wyoming bloggers… there’s a Wyoming Bloggers page on facebook, and any Wyoming blogger can link their posts to that page, just another way to get our stories Out There.  It’s also a nice way to connect to each other… to help with blog format, or writer’s block, or choosing widgets!

I’m very grateful to Carol Seavey from the Casper Star Tribune for writing these articles.

And just for fun… remember the bum calf I filmed a while back?  He has a new mom, and here he is as we trailed them out to the badlands last week.  He’s still a cutie!

bum calf


There’s still time, if you have questions, post them here… I don’t have very many yet, so c’mon, folks!


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  1. no question this time but congrats on the recognition and a huge thank you for the update on the adorable calf. I, for one, like to know how all turns out in the end and I am glad he found a new mom. But now I guess I DO have a question….this may seem very silly but is there any recognition at all when he comes across his real mom and sibling? silly, huh? Hey, I’m just a real city girl.

  2. Congratulations on all the recognition, Carol!! I’m now quite curious about the answer to Judy’s question, having grown up on a dairy farm and saw twisted stomach several times. I once helped with a surgery to fix the problem, though I don’t know how much help I really was. We had this beautiful big blue roan named Blue (original, I know) who was a super calm and a great milker. I was there hanging over her back and doing whatever the vet asked through the whole surgery to straighten up her stomach. I was pretty impressed by the whole process. The vet asked if I wanted the disposable parts of the tools he’d used (his scalpel blade and needle,) and I took them as souvenirs. I still have them stashed away in a little jewelry box packed with cotton. Why? Well, it’s a great memory.

    I know one old treatment for twisted stomach was to take the cow out and run her around the pasture to work it around and untwist it. I wonder if beef cows would just naturally run it out themselves, sometimes…

    Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane, Judy. I nearly always enjoyed the vet’s visits, though they were really hard on Dad’s wallet.

  3. In watching a certain “VET” show on TV we notice it is not rare for milk cows to get a twisted stomach. Does this happen very often in Beef cattle also? Since they are on open range it probably would be too late by the time they were found.

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