25, 52

Continuing the story from yesterday…

The horse sale is held in downtown Cody, just off of the main drag.  The Irma Hotel, named after Buffalo Bill’s daughter, is the historic frontispiece.

Irma Hotel

It was cool out, but we were all in place for the bidding to begin.

top sale

See this giant?  This paint quarterhorse/draft horse topped the sale for an amazing $17,000.  Holy Cow.  What would you do with this guy?  I mean, he does everything, he’s well trained, but not practical!  I guess you don’t need to be practical even if you spend $17,000, but it makes more sense to me!

And look, here…

Panama owner

This is the guy we bought Panama from.  Somehow, we didn’t spend much time looking at this horse…

Then the action started and somehow I got caught up in it!  I took pictures of horses in the sale except for the one we bought!  I don’t do the bidding, but it’s like I freeze or something, paying close attention to the rolling numbers of the auctioneer!  Well, that was it.  #25 was ours.  OK.  Time for lunch.  I was still interested in #52, but we came to buy one horse, so… off to my jalapeno burger and sweet potato fries!

While we were eating, it started pouring rain.  After our burgers, we ventured out again to the sale, just to see what #52 would bring.  We’re standing there in the rain, the bleachers had cleared, most people stood under the awning of the Irma.  They bring him in just as we arrived.  #52 was flashy, and he’d won the little ranch horse competition the day before.  Where were all the bidders?  Hmmmmmm.  Vernon bid.  And again.  And again. Holy Toledo, we bought another horse!

Then we had to continue to stand in the rain in line to pay for our two horses.

two horses

Question:  When you lead your two horses down the street, do you go *with* the traffic, or *against* it?

So, welcome home “Rosin” (evidently spelled the cowboy way!), he’s the buckskin #52, and “Royal’s Black Gold”, #25, the black (with some Dash for Cash in his background, Daniel will have himself a traveling, fast little bugger!)


Let me wish all of you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

For me… I was so lucky to have this beautiful lady give me life!

To Mom, thank you for all you did.

I miss you!




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  1. I have always wanted a buckskin horse! Part of it comes from an obsession with Dances with Wolves (the horse Cisco was a Buckskin) and well, the other part is they are just SO beautiful! Hope you got to eat a steak at The Proud Cut, it’s my favorite 🙂
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  2. Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day, and glad you had a good time in Cody. I know next to nothing about horses, but they both look like beauties!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day (a day late)! Nice to see the vintage photo of your pretty Mom, looking for something to photograph. Just like you!
    Thank you for all the nice horse auction pictures, too. Both of the ones
    you bought look great.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Carol! And what beautiful horses you have!!! Rosin is such a beautiful color!!! Please keep us updated on how they get on well with the rest of the family.

  5. So is that the black pictured in yesterday’s post? They both look gorgeous. Beautiful picture of your Mom! Was she also a photographer?

  6. Good story about the auction. I look forward to hearing more about these horses, why you chose them, their personalities, and how they play out.

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