It’s been over two weeks and I’ve been given the OK to share the news!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Lorelei to the Greet Ranch crew!


You don’t get much newer than that photo!

Here she was a week ago…


And a day or two ago…


We’re so very excited to have her with us!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Squeeeeeeeee! — 21 Comments

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy all is well, and you now have a granddaughter!! I have four sons, and was thrilled when I got not just one, but TWO granddaughters. Thrilled for you!

  2. So once your family got all those boys, they had to have a girl to run things! Smart move. Congratulations and Blessings!!

  3. So this little package was what we were saying prayers for? What a cutie. Congratulations! and best wishes to Mom and Dad and big brother, (she does have a big brother, doesn’t she?)
    Still saying prayers for her, though.

  4. What a doll! So glad for the positive report — Looks like Grandma and Grandpa are elated! You are so very fortunate to have your kids and grands so close! What a blessing that is!

  5. How fun. You will enjoy her pinkness. My youngest granddaughter is a pink princess who is a fierce sportsman & and a little spitfire off the field. Everything she does with confidence & joy. You will have so much fun watching how she steals her daddy’s heart & wraps Grandpa around her sweet little finger.

  6. Oh geesh! Where’s the kleenex? You should really warn a person before you make us cry tears of joy. 🙂 Very happy for all of you…. Babies in the SPRING!!!! Just as it should be…..

  7. Congratulations! She is gorgeous! Mom sure looks great for someone who just went through labor!! They make ’em tough out your way!!

  8. Ohmygoodnesssss!! 😀 😀 She’s beautiful!! Oh how exciting! I have two pregnant sisters and I’m so hoping for girls, because they already have so many boys.

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