Busybusy Time

Yesterday was another long day… this time it was branding.  I know it was Wordless Wednesday, but the twins were falling asleep in this room, and I just gave up and went to bed!

I didn’t get many chances to take photos even… I am busy branding the calves with barely time to pause in between.  Here’s the few good ones I managed to take… well, Victoria took these!


See?  That’s actually me in ACTION!  (And if there was any justice in the world, I should have lost 20 pounds this past week… )

B. and his black horse always make for a good shot!


There’s a few more I want to play with in my sketch app when I find the time… and since we’ve moved cows today and will the next few days as well… they may be all you get!  It’s a busybusy time!


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