Yesterday started off with Lucas not avoiding a pickup tire.  As soon as I saw it start happening, I closed my eyes, not wanting to see his demise.  Well, after a long trip to the vet (where you have an hour to think of all the horrible things Lucas could have injured) his prognosis was great… nothing damaged but his tail… and the Good Doctor says it’ll quit hurting after a while and he’ll get the curl back in his tail.

I returned home after grocery shopping for branding, and called the guys who were out gathering our cows.  Should I come help?  Or could I stay home and cook for branding?  Bring your horse and come on, we’re leaving the sorting grounds now.

I decided Dally could come, she was extremely sore from the day before, but she wanted to go, and I figured by the time I got there, they’d be more than halfway home and we’d just help them over the ridge and down to home.  So much for knowing what I was talking about.

From then on it was a WRECK.

To make a VERY LONG story short… we lost the battle and all of our cows.  The guys had not even left the pasture when we finally met up, and Dally was hot, so I let her soak in the pond until we headed out.  By the time we hit the grey ridge, it was BAD.  It got WORSE.  I have NEVER, in all my years here, seen cows REFUSE to go downhill.  We finally quit about 7:30.  Dally was exhausted.  The horses were exhausted.  I was overheating and getting dizzy, so I just laid down in the grass and hoped someone would bring my horse to me eventually.  I had left him on the hillside in the cedars… and sure enough, Brandon eventually came by with my transportation.  (Now you know why I didn’t blog last night!)

Today was spent gathering up everything, and by golly… if Brandon and I didn’t get most of them paired through the gate by ourselves!  Yay, us!  Of course, then I bailed while he went for the last stragglers… I had a branding to cook for!  Then, something else GREAT happened today, which I’ll share on another post… So I’m still not ready for branding, but I guess I can finish in the morning!




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  1. is that really indian paintbrush? I have seen other indian paintbrush that doesn’t look like the ones in your photo. Beautiful though!!!

    • It was a rotten day… but that’s bound to happen every once in a while! The Good News will be announced in a few more days!

  2. Sorry about all the mishaps. I just love the last picture of the wildflowers with the horse in the background. Is the plant Indian Paintbrush (the state flower)?

  3. Wow…you did have quite the day! The picture is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like the Indian Paintbrush is in bloom…can’t wait to see it when we get there Thursday afternoon!

  4. Horrible day, but made for an entertaining blog! Glad it went well later on, and hope the branding makes up for it. Lots of healing hugs to Lucas, and tell him to keep his darn tail (and the rest of him) away from the vehicles!!

  5. My goodness, what a day! Wonder what in the world made those cows so stubborn? Glad it worked out – kudos to you and Brandon!! Relieved to know that Lucas was not seriously injured. Taffy sends a tail-wag hello.

  6. O my, Carol! I am sure that all of us who ranch are nodding our heads saying, YUP, been there done that, still glad that we do this for a living! Well maybe sometimes it takes a couple of days, but you sure spoke for us today!

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