I Won’t


After a tremendous day of rain yesterday, (.79″ here, 1.3″ at the home place) which forced our ‘day off’, we were back in the saddle again.

I managed to snap a few pics before I got too busy.

Then, as things were settling down and we were motivating down the highway, and I was just about to take out my camera again, we had a bull break back and head towards the fence.  The dogs gave short chase, and the bull jumped the fence, his back hooves barely skimming the top wire!  I had no idea a bull could jump like that!  So I raced back towards the closest gate, and Brandon was back there, just unloading his horse.

We chased that poop head around and around, and finally got him back on the highway and reinterested in the cows.

Then one bull we had up here at our corral, who has a reputation for going walkabout, did so about three times today.  It must be spring.

Bulls are HUGE, and it’s springtime with lots of lovely ladies walking about… so they really want to be out flirting.  It’s a good thing they were gentle, even though the one kicked a couple of times, they could have been MEAN.  I barely get close to the NICE ones!  With all the bull activity, I could have named this entry, Bull Something or Other, Bull-oney, Bull Ish, but I won’t.


Time for another Q & A session.  I have a couple of questions already, so add yours here in the comment section!


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  1. Hi Carol,
    Are there plants in your area that are toxic to cattle? With the vast area cattle roam, it would seem impossible to control everything they ate out there.

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