Who’s Your Daddy?

So Brandon spent most of his Sunday doing this.

bleeding heifers

Yup.  Looking under a heifers tail… getting covered in blood and poo.  I gave him an extremely short break by doing about 8 heifers right before lunch…  I’m not near as fast or efficient, but I can get it done.  It probably would have helped had it not been 90+ degrees!

Of course, this is also after they gathered them, and trailed them home 3 miles…

skyline cowboy

Then, after we finished up, we had to trail them BACK down those same three miles.  Nothing like trailing black cattle on black asphalt on a HOT DAY.  The snow on the mountaintops was simply just mocking us…

snow in july

I shouldn’t complain, I was in the pickup running the flashers, but my a/c wasn’t keeping up very well, and I finally stuck a dirty rag in the window to block that late western sun that was beating in my window.  I know.  Rough Life.

Then there was that wayward bull that needed to be trailed BACK a mile to put him where he belonged…


And it was all for this…

blood vials

These vials of blood, to be tested by a company in Laramie, will tell us if our AIing worked.  If they’re pregnant now, we know for sure it was the AI, and not a bull catching her on her next heat cycle.  It’s awfully nice to know our success rate, and it helps with our calving/breeding program, if we know for sure who their daddy is!


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  2. I was really glad to get to the last picture to find out why all the ” looking under the tails” was all about! Very interesting!

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