Storm Along the Red Wall (Puzzle Included)

Our yearling steers sold this morning, so we all met here and watched the video auction and then, for lunch, ate some nice Greet Ranch beef… While we were towards the top of the prices, of course, the market is down compared to the past two years.  It’s not like we have control over the market, so we take what we get… and we’re happy.  We appreciate our rep’s and Northern Livestock’s promotion of our ranch and cattle.

I have a long list of things to accomplish and I managed to do TWO today.

But there were five, yes, five fires started by lightning this afternoon.  We could barely hear the thunder rumbles at my house, but soon came the call and Brandon and a neighbor took the fire truck and headed out.  The rest of us started to scramble… the girls were going to help Daniel ride and gather the heifers, which meant I was going to babysit four grandkids… then, they weren’t, then they were, then, finally, Vernon came off the mountain and decided to gather our heifers in the morning, so they WEREN’T.

Since I’m working the library tomorrow, I will miss out on gathering and bleeding the heifers, sending the blood samples off to see if they are pregnant with our AI-ing. The girls are stepping up and helping out, which is a very good thing.  It’s not an easy nor fun job, so the more help the faster it goes!

Thursday we will be taking the heifers to a new leased pasture.  It’s a gorgeous place.  I have the photos to prove it!  Tonight I’ll just share a photo taken as we descended from the Big Horn Mountains when Vernon and I went up and checked it out the other day.  The view is rather spectacular, more so with the storm cloud coming.

I decided to share the regular pic for those of you who don’t like puzzles… at least, you can see it full size… and then, for you puzzle fans, just click on the smaller version which will take you to the actual puzzle!

red wall
previewStorm Along the Red Wall


Storm Along the Red Wall (Puzzle Included) — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks again for the puzzle. I can’t wait to get at it!!

    Your pics are beautiful as always. keep up the good work!!

  2. Always enjoy your puzzles! Thanks. I’m looking forward to the next pictures of your new pasture and views. You must be having fun with the new camera.

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