So Tall

It’s time to start shuffling cows around.  We’re trying to do it slowly.  It’s been a great grass year and as long as they’re still happy and staying where they should… we’ve been leaving them alone.  We still wait as long as possible before getting clear on top… we let the poisonous larkspur run its course if we can.

This morning was spent taking one bunch to our Mesa Pasture.

morning light

Did you spot me in the shadow in front of a tree’s shadow?


We cut out a few of these calves… notice they aren’t branded!  Some were too small at the time… a couple we missed… but they need branded (which we did this afternoon).  With cattle prices high, cattle rustling is on the rise.  You better have your brand on!


We were off!  Look at the grass!  Amazing what rain will do!


Three hours later, here’s looking back at the corner with Happy Cows.  Such a difference a couple of years make since the wildfire that burned this all up!


Even the horses were happy.  All the sweet clover was irresistible… and Panama munched the entire way to the Mesa.  It’s hard to stop him from sneaking bites when the grass and clover are so tall!


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  1. It would be nice if you could share some of that rain with us Californians! We sure need it.
    Enjoyed the pictures. Beautiful

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