Next Year’s Rodeo

Back in the day… my kids attended Ten Sleep’s little kids’ rodeo.  Held for just local kids, this rodeo was the first and only experience at being *in* a rodeo for most!  I used to help a little bit in the arena, one time Really Overheating, as I recall… because next to the 4th of July, this day always seems to be high on the Roast Setting!  Today was no exception on the heat index, but this time?  Look who made his first appearance at the Kids’ Rodeo!

stick horse race

There on the left… riding the red horse George.

stick horse race

Yup.  Quinlan was going to try this!  He still isn’t quite three… and this division is five and under… so the competition was stiff!


Here he is crossing the finish line!  No one else in sight.

There’s a reason for that.


Next year he’ll understand the concept and improve greatly!

I still think he was thrilled with his little wooden tractor he won as a prize…

In anticipation of the twins possibly joining in this stick horse race (which they didn’t) and getting little Jaxon caught up to his older cousins… I spent yesterday scrounging, sanding, cutting, drilling, sewing, and stapling these…

Three gorgeous ponies to train on until next year’s rodeo!

stick horses



Next Year’s Rodeo — 7 Comments

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  2. Cutest thing ever–both the little guy with the big hat and the red horse and the new horses ready to ride next year! Well done, Gramma! 😉

  3. Tele-Gram: “Please send horse! Transmission is fried and am stuck in Toronto for four extra days!”

    Not the greatest of “happenings” while attending my second nephew’s beautiful outdoor wedding. Enloyed the kid’s rodeo story today!

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