The last pasture we ride through is full of the neighbor’s cattle.  Rather than fight them off while trying to push ours at the same time, our neighbors show up to kick theirs out of the way and hold them as we go by.  It’s also convenient because this is the pasture with all the bogs, difficult for horses and dogs, especially tired ones!  The neighbors provide fresh help on this last bit, and every step is appreciated!

By the time the last of the herd is heading through the gate, a dozen riders looks a little like overkill!


It’s another new month, time for the next Q & A session!  Got a question for me, post it in the comments and I’ll try to answer it!  Previous Questions and Answers can be found by clicking on the Questions and Answers tab at the top of this page!  Go ahead, ask away!


Overkill — 4 Comments

  1. Nice teamwork!

    Two questions: 1. Once you posted a picture of a nice shaded Sable ES named, Kay, I think? She might have been a rescue dog? Anyway, I would love to see more pictures of that lovely dog.

    2. If you and Vernon could have a vacation, where would you really like to go? Thanks.

  2. hi
    I would like to know what breeds of chickens you have? my husband and I are looking into getting chickens and want ones that are friendly and cold tolerant.

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