Reader’s Digest Day

A few different things to write about tonight, the “new” dog, moving heifers, and a terrific rainstorm tonight… but, I’m so sore… and my eyes have slammed shut just sitting here looking at pics.  I really can’t spend too much time here…

But I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version.

Meet Colt.


Look who got to trail heifers for a mile…


And the flash flood put .64″ at my house, and .96″ at Johnny’s.  It came down in half an hour, 45 minutes… That stream beside and in front of our bunkhouse is not normally there!

flash flood

Perhaps you’ll get more tomorrow, but tonight… adios!  My soft bed is calling my name!


Q&A time.  Leave your question in the comment section!



Reader’s Digest Day — 8 Comments

  1. Is this one of Dally’s pups that the owner couldn’t keep for some reason?? Really hope not, but if so, very glad they returned him! He’s beautiful!!

  2. You are amazing to keep this up every day, no matter! We have had torrents here too. In fact, coming back from being gone 9 days, we have soppy carpet in our basement. The plumber couldn’t figure it out but the city guy came and determined that it was from the rain! In the 14 years we have been here, the sump pump has always taken care of it but not now. We have vacuumed gallons and gallons out of the wet carpet. Hopefully the fan will do the rest and even though rain is predicted for every day this week, it won’t be that heavy!

  3. Loved that Lucas got to work! I still remember you saying when he was just a pup that he came out of the box 85% of the way to being a really good cow dog. I hope he gets to pass on more of his genes…

  4. Colt is beautiful.. can’t wait to hear all about him and where he came from etc… Lucas I think is in doggie paradise herding cattle… good for him…. question is about Colt….

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