Colt’s Video

Colt has been here a while now… and he knows the routine.

He loves me and likes attention, although he’s not a snuggler, and while he asks for it, he still remains tense if you mess with his back half!  He tolerates it, and then asks for more.  He and Lucas have a truce, but Dally, in her crankiness, does NOT like him.  No brotherly love there!

Quinlan and I made most of this video the other day, then I *had* to add the mud puddle scene!  I have NEVER seen a dog do this!  Lay there, yes.  Drink gross water, yes.  But he was actually blowing bubbles and enjoying the heck out of that little puddle!  He went into it 6 or 7 times before he was finished and ready to complete his run.  I ran him right to the creek where he did his routine again, and came out his glistening self!  I remember thinking as he ran through the field that he looked more Irish Setter than English Shepherd!

I do believe Colt can make someone happy.  I *really* can’t keep him.  If you know of someone with some property and/or an outdoor job that Colt could go along with, please share this post and video.

Colt from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Colt’s Video — 7 Comments

  1. but why cant you keep him? If Lucas and he are okay, maybe Dally will come around. He seems to be quite happy with you. He is one of your pups.

  2. Very nice video of Colt, and the captions give a good description of his personality. I have my fingers crossed that the perfect person(s) will come along to provide his forever home.

  3. I posted this on my Facebook page. He’s a gorgeous dog and, in the right place, could make someone very happy. My best wishes to Colt!

  4. Colt is a beautiful dog… so full of fun and love for someone… He will be such a joy for who ever adopts him…

    be such a joy for who ever adopts him…

  5. A great video Carol. Colt was certainly enjoying the water and the mud. Hope you can find him a new home soon.

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