Some Creativity

I’ve been working on a new video… hopefully with less uploading trauma than the last one!

So for tonight’s quick pic…

I thought I’d make you jealous.

The view from my studio this evening…


A fingernail moon ornamented the sky just barely out of view, I did catch it in other photos, but still preferred this one!

So who’s up for some creativity?


Some Creativity — 9 Comments

  1. Ok. I’m jealous. What a view. Living halfway up a hill facing east we get great sunrises. In December I often sit in the bedroom waiting for the sun to pop up over Breadon Hill. The sky gets redder and you think ‘any minute now’ then you blink and you’ve missed the moment the sun appears. I’m certainly up for creativity. Need something to work on during the long days of winter. Two quillows to sew one with a music theme fabrics the other is a Route 66 diner fabric, then next year a new quilt using wild horses fabric. In between thanks to Lucy at Attic24, I crochet. Keep the creativity going. We have a wonderful world of nature to inspire us.

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