Born in a Barn

Before it gets too far behind me… I have to share my trip over to Born In A Barn.  Born in a Barn is a craft fair/antique fair/re-purpose fair held in a field south of Sheridan, Wyoming.  Coincidently, also just a few miles from the people that drove to South Dakota to pick up our puppies!  I got to drive 3 hours to Sheridan, they drove to Sturgis to get their pup and mine!  I love leapfrogging puppies like that!  As I was waiting their return, I strolled around BiaB.

born in a barn

There were lots of vendors with “No Photos” signs, so most of these are long distance… but you get the idea.  This isn’t a common kind of thing around here, so it made it much more fun!  Vendors came from multiple states right into the early snowstorm we had!  Many people were cold and wet, and the parking area in the field was muddy, but those of us that attended were happy they’re tough!

born in a barn

Old signs, cabinets, pallets, weavings, jewelry, new signs, baskets, lights, rugs, clothing, soap, you name it… it was probably there!

born in a barn

I went through everything twice just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

born in a barn

My favorite?  Besides the things I bought???  These.  Yes, typical plasma cut patterns… but now on handsaws and cream cans!  That was very cool.  I’m not an elk, bear, or moose decor person though, so I didn’t get one… but with the “right” pattern, I might have!

born in a barn

Oh, and remember Lucy’s Sheep Camp, where I buy all my wool for my soapstones and felting projects???

born in a barn

They were there!  I may be buying some of that yellow felted wool on the top… I do have two more Christmas stockings to make!

It was a fun and different time.

Maybe we’ll do this again next year!


I have to share this…

Look at the look on her face the first time she tried to make it across the cattleguard!



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  2. I never would have thought of doing that with a milk can. I have an old milk can that my grandfather used on the farm (coming up on 100 years ago). I need to find someone who knows how to do plasma work and have it made up.

    Those pieces of felt have such interesting colors. I’d be tempted too! I have an old felt (though not hand-made felt) stocking that my aunt made for me when I was little. Stockings made of good felt last forever!

    And I hope little Whatshername finally figured out how to do cattle guards. 😉

    And even if it originally came as snow, I am jealous of your precipitation. We are still SO dry here. 🙁

    • Your brand on a cream can would be so neat. Or Orchard Hill Ranch. Something other than just a moose… Whatshername figured out she can go *around* cattle guards like Dally does!

  3. How fun to get to go to a BIAB event like that… we don’t have much of those kind in Ne. but it is a BIG thing east of the Mississippi… what a dear little girl… I can imagine how exciting it was just waiting for her…. isn’t that the greatest?….

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