Born In A Barn Again

Sorry about the late night and uncooperative computer last night… it was one of those my-eyes-are-slamming-shut-and-what-IS-my-computer’s-problem? nights.

The elk are busy bugling in our field tonight… would love to put that on Periscope… I wonder if people would listen without being able to see them… I don’t know what a spot light would do to them… guess I should try!  and maybe it’s just me that loves to listen to them talk!  I just realized the loudest elk was really Matt.  He was calling to them and getting them to talk back!  I had to go stand out and listen and I tried to record it, but they’re much quieter on the recording than they seem in real life!  That was FUN!

Yesterday, Tess and kids and I went to Born in A Barn, the recycle/repurpose/antique show over north of Buffalo.  Last year was the snowy, cold day that I got Eden… this time it was a perfect fall afternoon, even a little on the hot side!  Hot enough for ice cream.

icecream JaxonJaxon refused to look at me… but I took a pic anyway!  And while I tried to take a few photos of the booths for you like this one…

Born in a BarnLacee decided to help with ice cream covered fingers over my lens!

trikeIt’s kind of like a cool Instagram filter… but sticky!

This was our favorite item of the day… and old iron bedstead with vintage cowgirls on the headboard.  Now, I’m sure there was one of these in the old house… just need to add the photo!


Oh, by the way… I joined the world on Instagram… you can find me under, what else?, Red Dirt in My Soul!


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  1. At 3 a.m. two mornings ago I was awakened by something outside the window in the dry leaves. It was a heard of elk–maybe about 30 or so. I snuck out on the deck and turned on the flashlight. I found out they don’t like that. They ran through the orchard, but after a few minutes of darkness and quiet they returned. We’re now considering some sort of night vision device–we’d really like to see them without disturbing them.

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