How Lucky

My favorite trail drive of the year… bringing the cows off the top of the Big Horn Mountains.

It looks like they’ll fall off the top of the world…

off the top

Never fear, there *is* a hillside to run down.  Well, I don’t run, but some cows do!  The rest of us pick our way down the rocky slope carefully!

When you trail cattle, you prefer a long string of them, quietly plodding along, rather than a large wad of them, like a band of sheep.  I’d say we met that!  The back of the herd and I are not quite to the bottom of the steep hill and the front is already stopped at this neighbor’s gate!  We travel through 8 different pastures on our way to our Mesa Pasture.


Daniel and Brandon get a small break as they watch the back of the bunch ease through a gate on yet another steep slope.


At the bottom of this hill, we take a lunch break… a rarity thanks to Victoria and the twins.  Lunch always tastes Very Good when you’ve worked up an appetite!  To have sandwiches, potato salad, chips, drinks, and brownies??? YUM.

We’re now on the level of the edge of Otter Creek Canyon…

Otter Creek Canyon

We trail along its edge for the next couple of miles and the 500′ drop always begs to be captured, but no photo can really convey its depth and beauty.

Otter Creek Canyon2

I had traded with Victoria at lunchtime, letting her ride Panama, and I jumped in the pickup.  My two little cowboys soon passed out in the seat and floorboard.  We continued to follow, I tried to avoid the biggest rocks and holes, of course, not much bothers two sleeping (almost) 3 year olds!

road trail

Another trail completed.  Another year has passed.  The seasons go round and we with them, working with Mother Nature when she lets us.  How lucky we are!


How Lucky — 6 Comments

  1. Sounds like everything went pretty smooth. So not too stressful. GREAT pictures. I Loved the lunch break black and white. Yep, pictures never really show what you see, smell, feel, but the memory is there.

  2. I went on a week long round up in Grand County Colorado a couple years ago. I’ve been riding for years but never in country like that and with instructions on what to do if you become lost. It was amazing and probably improved my riding tremendously. I really learned to trust my horse. I envy what you get to do on a regular basis. I shoulda been a cowgirl 🙂 have a great day and keep on doing what you do!

  3. Yes you are lucky. What a wonderful day you had. Thanks for your photos and ‘story’ of your day. For a short time I was transported to your world and rested in your day along with the cows and scenery. Thank you Mother Nature.

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