I’m not going to do the Q&A tonight, so take the time to send me one more question…


I have been working on some minor (and one not so minor) projects when I can…

I decided my front door, well, it’s NOT my FRONT door… Country people rarely use their FRONT door because it leads to their living room and we usually have “stuff” on our boots that clashes with and stinks up living room carpeting… Anyway, my MAIN door (the one that leads to the mud room where “stuff” can be mopped up), is the one everyone sees (except for lost delivery people who actually ring my front doorbell) and it was looking pretty pitiful.  As in dinged, scratched, mudded, splattered, and just all around gross.

I decided a fresh coat of paint would be loverly…

Then I decided I could be matchy matchy and paint it the same color as my pretty blue roof… (and my big potted plants and bird bath)


OK.  Maybe it looks pretty good in this photo… but trust me.

Start slapping some paint on…


Pretty ugly.  Time to switch to a roller, not a brush!

Then, seeing as how I’m easily distracted… I walked outside.


That was dumb.


You shut my screen door and you will see 6″ of the door I’m painting.  And the screen door is ATROCIOUS.

But it is VINYL.  Will my blue latex paint stick to vinyl???  So I decided I needed to paint the screen door to match the trim I’m going to paint the windows when I paint the house.  The trim will match the ivory metal soffit that we got with the new blue roof, but I haven’t got that far yet…

Do you see how my life gets out of control?????????????????


screen door

Then I pulled out the spray gun…


Remember this started with just the blue door???

But the house REALLY needs painted…



I told you so.

You’ll have to come back to see some final… well, ALMOST final pics… because I left my camera in the car and I’m not going out to get it!!!!  Sorry.  There are just some things I don’t want to do late at night… but I HAVE made progress…



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  1. I just don’t know why you comment that the future of Red Dirt in my Soul is questionable. Could you please clarify this for me? I understand about the loss of pictures from moving the site, etc, but why does that affect the future? many of us still want to follow your ranch life, your family, the dogs, etc…see how all those grandkids grow…so why stop now?

  2. I was amazed at how many memories came flooding back when I saw the photo of your MAIN door. I have been through that door many many times as a little girl when visiting Mildred Mills. I can still hear the echo of my footsteps as I gingerly walked up the stairs into the cleanest house on the entire planet. It is wonderful to know how much life and living it still protects. I so enjoy your Blog.

  3. THE most important question: WHAT can we, your fans, DO?

    I just read your note on the right margin:
    “This WAS a photographic journal of my life on our Wyoming Centennial Ranch, 100+ years in the same family! Most of my photos have now been lost, due to trusting GoDaddy, my webhost. The future of Red Dirt is now somewhat shaky.”

    This is a shock and so sad! You have worked so hard to carry this wonderful Blog here from the other place, and you have put so much heart and soul and talent and time into Red Dirt – we cannot allow you to give up! Wasn’t there someone who said they could retrieve the photos? Are the photos really lost? What if you called in a professional to make Red Dirt whole and healthy again?

    What if we, your FFF (friends, followers, fans), got all together – virtually – to try and save Red Dirt? How can we help? Would you consider putting up a Donate button so that we could effectively support this Blog?

    I, for one, do want to help if I can, to say Thank You for all these years of “Red Dirt” – your blog has given me so much, dear Carol Greet, it is high time I gave something in return!

  4. For Q&A: I am interested in knowing “all” 😉 about your gorgeous dogs! Would like to know how Lucas, Dally, Puppy-Puppy(?), Tuff, Scout are getting along with each other; whether Scout has “nipped” anyone of your family and whether there is The Right new owner in sight (I’d take him if I didn’t live in a city on another continent!); whether the near-chronic wound on Lucas’ left paw remains closed/healed (I send good paw vibes every single day!!). Also, what do you have to do to keep your dogs in shape for their occasional cowdog work, in terms of training, exercise, diet, “wellness”? Thanks very much! Irmgard

  5. That’s just like when you buy a new piece of furniture. It makes everything else in the room look shabby, including the paint on the walls and the carpeting. That opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms.

  6. Ok got a question for you. My husband just got back from hunting in Colorado and the rancher told him that he as a lead cow trained to come when he whistles which brings all the others along so that moving them from place to place is pretty easy. He is now training a second leader because the other one is getting older. Was he giving the city kid a line or can that really be done?

  7. Yep, one project leads to another. Seems as though they are all connected. tee hee Can’t wait to see the results. Mind started with edging the sidewalk!!!

  8. Oh my. What a fun life you have. Always another challenge around the corner and in my life that challenge seems far more interesting ( better coloured yarn/fabric, easier pattern etc etc) than the one I’m working on. Life is never boring with the colors Mother Nature gives us, fabric, yarn and paint oh and glitter – I have granddaughters!!! Enjoy your painting Carol.

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