We went on a little tour today.   A neighbor wanted to pick my brother-in-law’s brain… B. is a geologist, and this country is heaven and hell for geologists!  Heaven… because there’s a lifetime of work here, hell… because it’s not easy figuring out what is going on with all our anticlines, monoclines, faults, ridges, creeks, and cliffs!  But we took the morning to drive around… and though the day started partly cloudy…

partly cloudy

with sun poking through here and there…

by the time we were finishing up… it was gorgeous and warm!

big spring pond

It was interesting and fun and we saw new country and lots of ROCKS!



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  1. I don’t know if you know it or not, but Johnny’s Mom used to saddle up her horse, take a lunch and ride out into the hills for stalagtites, I think she told me they were. Maybe stalagmites (?) Anyhow she shipped them to the Smithsonian Institute (museum?)and got paid for them. So people who visit that place get to see a piece of Wyoming!
    Sure do love your blog. Merry Christmas!!

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