Great Walk

After the normal routine of feeding cattle and chopping ice, the guys went snowmobiling for fun, and I decided on such a NICE sunny day, the dogs and I would head out for another shot at snowshoeing around the fields.  It was much easier this time as I used my dad’s old fashioned bear paw snowshoes (wider is better) and most of the time I was following an old track.

Dally and Elsa… wow… I just thought that as I typed… how I do miss that English Shadow!!!  Dally and EDEN did their P90x workout by hunting for mice, jumping through snow, snowplowing with their noses, and running where possible.

Dally and Eden

Eden creek

Dally creek

Honestly… it was just a good day for a great walk!

mice hunters


Great Walk — 10 Comments

  1. I love it! Here I am in So Cal, its 70 degrees and I’m envying you! Love the dogs, and I think the spirit of Elsa is following you guys. I still miss her. My Poppy dog just turned 15 this week, and is still going pretty strong, I am grateful for every day with her.

  2. What a beautiful place to trek! We’ve had lots of wonderful times snowmobiling with our family in years past as well as other friends. However, except for Casper Mountain here, which of course we did enjoy (putting our hamburgers in the fire coals and going for a short ride before our supper was cooked) we had to drive to get to the soecial places whereas your guys just live right there!

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