Roll Call

Well, Victoria and the twins were here since last night… so this morning was quality time with the boys spending time with chickens for a bit… then it was off to the sledding hill.  This chinook wind has cut the snow level around here tremendously, and our little hill was in slick and fast form.  For three year olds, it was a Grand Time.

Wyatt is a champion sledder, going the farthest and fastest.  Waylon was right behind, hating to be left out.

It only lasted the morning, for we had to hold our annual meeting today.  Like many family businesses, we are incorporated.  We have officers and shares and bylaws… the whole package.  While most businesses don’t have 6 kids aged 3 and under running around and screaming during their annual meetings… WE DO!

This has been a family business since George Greet first came to the Ten Sleep area in 1891.  His sons Fred and Frank moved to this place in 1909.  Frank’s sons George, Neil, and John ran it for a while and then split up parts of the place, with Johnny staying on this part, of course!  Next is Vernon, (his sister Cindy)… and my boys, Daniel and Brandon, with Victoria having some shares as well.  Now Quinlan, Waylon, Wyatt, Jaxon, Lorelei, and Lacee feel it is their prerogative to disrupt this meeting to the best of their abilities!

We can only hope and pray that more names will be added to this roll call of a family business.



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  1. A wonderful family photo Carol. It truely is a blessing to share in the lives of our Grandkids. Hope you managed to get some business done during what sounds to have been an interesting meeting. Some frost overnight but the sun has just arrived in a beautiful blue sky. The birds have been singing even before the sun appeared. Spring is somewhere.

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