Plein Air

The gift of pastel pencils has now turned into an obsession.  I went ahead and bought regular pastels to speed up things… I’ve watched videos… I’ve glanced at some library books.  The pastels arrived Thursday and I began Saturday night.

I picked a photo from my ipad… Powder River Pass.


Honestly… this is the first picture I’ve done that I actually LIKED.  I entitled it ” 9,666′ ” .  The wind seems to howl up there fairly constantly, and I think I managed to capture the blowing snow!  Yup.  This one, I’ll keep!

It was Absolutely Gorgeous here today, so after some chores, I decided the studio was the place to be.

Dally helped me with a little plein air artwork… but pretty soon, they were antsy, so I didn’t get it done.

plein air

It was almost 50 degrees and we decided we’d better go check on the bees.  On a warm day like today, they should be out flying, at least if they are still alive.

The dogs come to chase bunnies in the junkyard, and I headed to the Bee Barn.  As I approached, I couldn’t believe my eyes…


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  1. Whoa! 50 degrees! Lucky you. It’s been snowing here all weekend.
    Your artwork of the Powder River Pass is delightful…whispy snow and perfect coloring of the sky and clouds. Can’t wait to hear more about the bees!

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