The girls were nice enough to bring lunch to the sorting grounds, so lunch was relatively on time today!  That was nice to take the time to eat and especially DRINK.  I had two bottles of water with me, but cold water is a great and wonderful thing!  It was in the high 70˚s today with lots of humidity (for Wyoming) coming from all the running water and soft ground!  Cows and horses and humans alike were hot!

To wait while we finished our sorting job… The littlest cowboys spent quality time roping and trying to drag Grandpa.

roping grandpa

The bunch shrunk as time went on…

bunchbunchUntil nothing was left…


lunchtimeIt still was about 12 hours in the saddle… so…

I bid you goodnight!


Goodnight — 3 Comments

  1. High 70’s and humidity IS NOT comfortable when you are working as hard as you all do! I’m glad you had plenty of helpers to do the sorting – and a couple of adorable rookie-ropers to amuse you (and us readers!).

  2. Thank you for the walk down memory lane! Oh, the hours I spent holding herd there while our Dads (and Mom) sorted the cattle.

  3. Just catching up with things on the ranch after being in North Wales for a few days. Beautiful scenery but no WiFi!!!!. Glad you are enjoying temperatures in the high 70’s. We are still waiting for summer to visit us.

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