Yippee Yay!  The Camera has been found after many days of being misplaced.  I knew it was somewhere! (Well, THAT was an intelligent statement!)  The “somewhere” turned out to be my “bee bag” that holds extra supplies for my Bee Barn, my extra hat and veil, benadryl/epi stuff, bread knife, and a little red camera bag.  I’m so happy to have my “partner” back!

In the meantime, Victoria and family have returned home, but Vernon’s sister and brother-in-law and friend are here… so yesterday we toured the Red Wall area south of me…

pronghornA couple of little antelope bucks posed for us…

nowood internationalNowood International Airport is always a photo op…  and, no, they don’t use the road!

Deep CreekDeep Creek is always scenic.

Today was the Slope… but I’ll make you wait for those photos!


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  1. Hooray you found your camera! And provided us with some quite unique
    pictures today – especially the pointy hill behind the antelope. Then those grey stone hills behind the Nowood Airport are different. And I vote for the 3rd one for your next calendar. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy such varied and beautiful scenery, and that we, too, can view it thru your blog. Great part of the U.S. to live. 🙂

  2. Well done on finding your camera. Love the photos. I never expected to see ‘red’ when travelling through Wyoming some years back. It came as a surprise!!!!! It has a beauty all of its own.

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