The mountain trip was relaxing… seeing all the green that this rain has blessed us with, the water running in places it doesn’t usually run, and wildflowers!  My, it was sweet!

We had also seen a small herd of elk on our ridge.  That’s always enjoyable…  But, on the way down, we managed to spy a few more!

elkIf you zoom in… (double click the image to make it bigger)

elk calvesand maybe squint a little… there are little brown spots next to the bigger brown spots!  Elk calves!

All together now…




Awwwwww… — 4 Comments

  1. Awwwwww. What an amazing site of Many elk and babies! And thank, you, Carol, for the lesson in zooming in. I did not know how to do that and it really helped in seeing those baby elk.

  2. Some of my friends are working up in the Kaycee area…..shared some pics that are making me sad I’m not up there again this year!!

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