Haying Season

The guys are busy getting started haying…

windrowsThe center pivot field making for pretty semi-circular designs…

Of course, if you start haying… this is bound to happen, too…

rainIt poured for a bit… .3″, but, unbelievably, the hay doesn’t look too bad!

hay balesIt’s been hot here, so hay dries quickly… Daniel is cutting it down as fast as he can!  Of course, tomorrow we gather our steers to get ready for the Big Sale on Monday… so haying will be postponed until the late afternoon!

I hope we find them all, and we get home relatively early…

We shall see what tomorrow brings.


Haying Season — 4 Comments

  1. Wow! haying season already – that came along pretty fast. Hope you get all the cows rounded up quickly today, and that it is a nice day with no rain.
    Love the red barns behind the hay bale.

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