Just a Tease

teaseJust a smidge of our float for tomorrow morning… full of meaning if you’ve read “Dry Bones”!  It’s been a full day.  Great dinner at the Red Reflet with Craig and Judy Johnson. Come back tomorrow for a view of the entire float and parade and who knows what else?

Be there.  10 am. Ten Sleep Fourth of July Parade with Craig Johnson as Grand Marshal!


Just a Tease — 2 Comments

  1. I bet you are doing your happy dance!! Happy Fourth of July with all the neat activities that take place in Ten Sleep.

  2. The exhibition display looks great after all your hard work. Did I spy a photo of our lawman Walt on the wall???:-) last of S3 aired last night. Will watch it this morning with a good cup of coffee. Have a great 4 July day with Craig and Judy. Look forward to seeing photos of you day. Yep it looks to be hot so stay cool.

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