Collapse.  That’s what we finally did about 4 this afternoon… after zinging from the opening reception of the Wyoming Grasslands exhibit into final work on our float and supper with Craig and Judy Johnson at the Red Reflet Ranch yesterday and today’s early start to get those last minute details on the float finished.  We walked the piddly little 6 blocks of Ten Sleep handing out can coozies that promote the library to all the HOT audience.  It was mid 90˚’s and just scorching!  We then went to the park to prepare for the visitors for Craig, and sat there and tried to help until 1:30 or so when we abandoned the Johnson’s for lunch before the cafe closed.  Then back to the park to pack up the shade tent and tables and tear down some of the float so we could take it home to tear it down some more.  By 3:30, we’d had enough.  We were even heard to say, “I am NOT interested in going down to the rodeo… It is too HOT. ”  We stayed in the air conditioning for an hour to finally cool ourselves down.  Holy cow.  Never thought I’d say those words, but, get this, I DID NOT ATTEND THE TEN SLEEP RODEO for the first time since… FOREVER.  No photos of bareback riders, bull riders, or tight Wranglers…  These are better…

floatThe Nerve Wracking trip to town, driving SLOWLY, to keep Jen from cracking…

JenWho’s Jen?  Well, that’s the nickname of the T.Rex in Craig Johnson’s newest book, Dry Bones.  this is what I’ve been working on the past month.  No, she’s not a really good representation of a real T.rex, but hey, that’s what I made!  I do admit that the teeth are awesome though!  The skeleton, the turtle, and Jen’s dig (and bones) made for the storyline, so if you’ve read the book, you thought the float was great!  Jen

Here it is, fully decorated.  Banners are the covers of the other books in the series.  In the book, the government comes and crates up all the old bones, hence the Property signs and the graffiti look of SAVE JEN!

Craig Johnson

Craig JohnsonCraig JohnsonWonderful, wonderful day.




Thanks so much, Craig and Judy.  You’re always welcome in Ten Sleep!

(more photos to come tomorrow!)


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  2. Terrific, congratulations! I especially love that big tortoise, did you make that also, Carol? Wow, for the whole float and event. Glad you all survived the heat.

  3. Carol is being modest. Craig Johnson was blown away by his float, and he wants the float in Buffalo for Longmire Days!

  4. Once again, a team effort with my best friend to accomplish a project we are proud of. We should also recognize, SA and DB and KS for there added effforts and their support as we tore their hair out! Glad you got a pic before the red book cover bit the dust! In 100 degree heat we said we never would do this again. But…it is a very accomplished feeling the next day to ponder the thought of what creative project we could work together on next! Relax today, I am off to work horses and scatter some salt with S.

    • Without their help, it wouldn’t have been near as cool, I agree! We do seem to get into these things maybe a bit too deep? But it’s fun and we make a great team!

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