As I do every night, I read your comments… and a few of you expressed concern that yesterday’s puzzle was inaccessible.  How weird.  It’s a closeup of Lucas, hardly anything wrong… so I tried to make another.

Same result.

I suppose entitling the first “Handsome Man” put a flag on it, then when I tried again, calling it “Second Chance”, it just read the same file name…and again a flag was put on it.

It’s too bad, really, it’s quite a good closeup of dear, sweet, Lucas!  We’ll see if I can’t get it straightened out.

It is almost humorous though as well… imagining me posting something so inappropriate!  Good thing it wasn’t a puzzle of some of those things I’ve written about that I could understand being flagged… a cow’s prolapse, AI-ing, bull sales and testicle measurements, pregnancy checking, various veterinary calls throughout the years… I could definitely understand some people thinking how inappropriate those topics are… although I just see them as Life On The Ranch!


OK, last call for questions.  Post ’em now!


Inappropriate — 3 Comments

  1. That’s really very strange, especially since there are lots of “sexy” photos used on there as puzzles. There’s even a “nude” category under “popular tags.” Not that I’ve seen any nudes (and haven’t checked the tag…)

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