Squint and Back Away Slowly

I felt a little “off”… laid around for a little bit… discovered, thankfully, that it wasn’t the horrid flu that is consuming Ten Sleep at this time… but I took the “time off” to finish a new pastel.

You know, I think I do pretty good, then I see someone else’s *real* talent… and I cringe.

Oh, well.

I enjoy it.

I consider it practice!

I used this photo of the home place from last week…

feedingWith “artistic license”, I created this.

pastelYes, the tractor is nonexistent… Yes, the calves are too small… the brush isn’t brushy enough, and, wonder of wonders… all the poop has disappeared!

I can work it a little more, but I thought I’d pause here to see if I liked it… and think, if I didn’t see this view every day for 30 years out my living room window, would I be happy with it?

If you squint and back away slowly… It’s not bad!


Squint and Back Away Slowly — 9 Comments

  1. It is because you’ve seen that view everyday for 30 years that you cannot see the realism within your painting that transports me to a place I remember fondly and would rather be. Squint or not, I would hang THAT painting in my view happily, and in a heart beat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You REALLY don’t give yourself enough credit! You have never posted anything I wouldn’t be proud to display in my home. You have talent…OWN IT, SISTER!

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