Jump Step

Vernon continues to work on his bale feeder… the two rollers in back are now tied together.  As he left for the afternoon to continue welding… I mentioned I had a welding project in mind.

I described it, waving my hands in the air, giving some approximation of size…

and you know what?

He nailed it!  Or welded it… 😉

jump step It’s a jump step for Lucas!  Poor Lucas is having troubles jumping into vehicles… so now I have a step I can slide into my trailer hitch and cut his leap in half.

I plan on stapling some carpet onto the wood…

It’s hefty, that’s for sure!  And it will take up space in the back when not in use… but it’ll save my back from lifting 75 pounds of dog!

But just like that… my order was filled.

For a demonstration, Eden was happy to show how it can be used.jump step


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  1. great idea. The Good Doc told me long time ago not to let them jump out of pickup bed. Just grab collar and ease impact a bit whenever you are able. Many a broken leg, shoulder injuries, said he. Please tell him on that one (and many others), he was truly “half right”.

  2. So clever (Carol) and well done (Vernon). Love it! And I am sure Lucas, especially, and the other dogs will Love It! Great job and it’s great that you care so much for your dogs. Love that, too! 😉

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