Wyoming Tease

Seriously.  Wyoming is just a tease.

I can’t go ANYWHERE without thinking “STOP.  That’s a photo!  Lookie.  OOOOOOOH.  That’s pretty…”

But I’m going to work and I’ll be late… or there’s actually another vehicle behind me and I can’t stop… or there are all those power lines… or I’m chasing the light.

It’s all about sharing with you, though… so… here.

Yesterday.  Coming home from work.  Rain showers chasing around in the late sunshine.  Hereford bulls grazing in a neighbor’s field.  Snow lingering on the mountain tops.  In the distance, another rain cloud streaks down.  Buttes and cottonwoods… If I had been five minutes earlier, the bulls would be highlighted.  If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be drawing this with my pastels…

Maybe I should just have an artist’s retreat… find the scenes… snap some pics… then let them create!  Any takers?



Anyone with questions this month??? Post them here if you do!


Wyoming Tease — 8 Comments

  1. Your site. Is always enjoyable! Every morning I look forward to it! You are so very faithful to it and I’m sure all who watch admire your consistency with these interesting ranch sites! Thank you!

  2. With this continuous dry, very warm weather we are having, what are your contingency plans for possible drought conditions?

  3. Sometimes you just take the picture you have. This is still lovely — love the light on the buttes and the cloud.

    How do you have the energy to do all that you do? Do you “just” need little sleep?

  4. Cannock Chase in Staffordshire UK is learning from Western Wyoming and placing white bags on poles along the road to deter deer from crossing the road and not getting to the other side. So far no accidents to animal or human

  5. Beautiful rain clouds. My question; as you have no light pollution, what are your favourite night views:- Milky Way, northern lights or ?????

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