Sparrow Video

Rain and snow.

It was great to see, as the country was dusty already.

Although Ten Sleep didn’t receive much, I had .22″ in my rain gauge!  The grass will grow with that.


Today I finally uploaded a video I took on February 14.

That was only 3 weeks ago, but the landscape sure has changed!

This little sparrow had knocked himself for a loop running into a window.  The door to my studio had blown open with all the high winds, and I found him and a buddy in there.  His partner found the open door, but this guy was still trying to figure out how to fly.  He let me pick him up… and… well, just watch the video!

“For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

Sparrow from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


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Sparrow Video — 4 Comments

  1. Loved It!! I just knew it would have a happy ending and the perfect thing for me to watch just before bed after a very loooong aggravating day with people whom I believe are NOT bird / nature lovers! But when they are the employers, what can I say? 🙂 Thank you, Carol.

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