My apologies for last night.  I was watching a show on Netflix… and it kept cutting out.  I’d tell it to try again, and it would quit.  Finally I gave up, came in to post, and my computer wouldn’t connect to the internet.

After 11 pm, I don’t have a lot of patience.

My new baby chicks came in today… I now have 19 babies.  Pics tomorrow.

We have a new momma for our bum calf… there may be pics on that tomorrow as well.  Or soon.

The weather is changing constantly… snow, rain, sunshine…

I saw two vultures in my cottonwood tree… and they usually return when spring is REALLY here… but today they weren’t around.  I’m not sure what that means…

“Holy cow!  We made a mistake!”?


cranesspring snowspring elk



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  1. Glad you got your baby chicks and found a momma for the calf. We have crazy weather, too, here in Western NY. Some of the bulbs are trying to come up, then they sort of are on ‘hold’ due to today’s ice and snow. Looks like you got much more snow than we did. What an April Fool’s joke!

    What kind of birds are those in today’s pictures?

  2. It has been close to 70 here. I’ve been searching for morels. Found 12. Yummy. Sorry for your snow.
    The elk are beautiful. So glad you found a momma for the baby.

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