With the weather turning nice, the guys have been working on fields getting them ready for #plant16. (that’s the twitter hashtag for farmers working on planting this season’s crops)

The fields have been plowed, disced, leveled, and now… here comes the alfalfa and oats!

deliveryThe seed is delivered on pallets, and Vernon unloads them.

inspectionThe 50# bags bear the sticker from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture that they’ve been tested.  They poke a rod in and pull out a sample and the sticker covers the hole.

drillThe grain drill, which plants the seed, is hooked to the tractor, and it’s time for planting to begin.

Oats are the cover crop for the alfalfa, meaning they will both be planted together.  The oats will sprout and grow the fastest, providing shade and protection for the little alfalfa plants.

The guys were set… and #plant16 commenced!


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  1. I always learn a lot from reading your blog! With this one all I could think of was the “old days” before real mechanization and how MUCH more the work must have been. Good luck to the guys who have this season’s work well under control!

  2. Hope your weather stays good for planting. The mid UK has enjoyed two Spring days with temps in 50’s . Nice. Back to showers tomorrow!!!!

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