I did it.  Here’s my newest possession…


Of course, I bought her right before the cold, wet weather… so I had one small ride on her and then she was hidden in the garage.

Eden and I finally got to go again, even if I did have to wheel her by big mud puddles and up a slick steep hill…  Like Lisa at the bike shop said, “These bikes sell themselves…”  Our ride was easy.  I thought I might be sore the next day, but, nope!  I want to go farther and farther, and that big hill three miles up the road may not be the Mount Everest I used to think it was!

These gears are NICE.  The seat is COMFY.  The shocks are a WONDER.  Sitting more upright keeps my shoulders from burning!  Yeah, if I can start a tad bit earlier in the evening, maybe I will have time to go farther!

I am thinking I need to add a bag to the handlebars (maybe an old insulated, zippered lunch bag tote?).  My camera needs to ride along, and hanging it by its little handle isn’t ideal…

Anyway… just thought I’d introduce you…



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  1. Well done Carol. Love the colour. I do admire you. Never had a bike in my life. The balance part scared the heck out of me. Guess I missed out. Far too hilly where I now live!!!!!

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